Thursday, September 11, 2014

hi I'm Hna Barlow, I wake up @ 6:30 cada dia and I'm a Mormon July 7

Hi family                                                July 7, 2014

Ok so today we had a zone activity. We played some sports so for this
reason you might not see many emails from me! Also sorry about last
weeks email coming late, I sent it when I had wifi but I guess the
wifi went weird so there were a few emails that sent on Wednesday when
I got wifi again.

But yeah! It was a good week. The weeks this transfer were going a bit
slower till this week. This week went super fast. Soo much happened
that I want to talk about- but I don't have time!

Last week we served this lady that we met on the street. She
treated us from the get go like she had already known us, so I assumed
that she was a former investigator. This week we stopped by at their
trailer and it was a perfect time for them! Her name is Maria and she
has a daughter Paola who is 20 and has a cute little son named
Andres. We had an awesome lesson of the restoration with them, while
explaining the Book of Mormon, Paola interrupted and said "can I see
it?" It was great. They are super awesome, did I mention that? Haha we
taught them again on the 4th of July. They were getting ready to go to
fireworks and we knocked while Maria was getting out of the shower but
Paola talked to her and they had us come in anyway. That's a sign
that they are pretty solid, most people would use that as an excuse.
Maria came out when she was ready. She had read and Paola had read
from the introduction through till 1 Nefi 4! They are in the middle of
moving houses right now so they said yes to church at first but later
said no. :( I really really hope and pray they will come next week.

I don't know what it is, but this transfer and last transfer it has
been very difficult to get people to church! This week we had about 8
people give us a "yes we'll be there 9:00!" But, no show. Ahhhhh! Haha
I am feeling more and more that I am doing all I can though! After
each Sunday that no one comes, we double our efforts and we have
made progress. The next step I think is being bold with our
members because as Gordon B Hinkley says, we missionaries simply
cannot do it alone. Pray for our members please. We baked a lot of
cookies today to give to all of them this week to show our love.

We taught the lesson in relief society and it ended up being really
awesome. We taught chapter 5 from preach my gospel about the role of
the Book of Mormon. There were two comments/testimonies in particular
from the Members that brought the spirit so strong. I was just like
wow, they inspired me so much. One of the Hermanas was testifying that
there is doctrine and stories about Jesus Christ but even more, his
spirit comes into our lives when we read that book. There isn't
anything that describes it. And there isn't any way to know that till
we read it. Till we try it. After her testimony I just wanted to hit
my fist on the table and be like YES THAT IS IT!! Let's fill the world
with that book. Let's fill the world with that spirit. It is no joke
that it is true and that it brings the Holy Ghost into our lives. In 3
Nefi this week I read about the coming of Christ. I read about how the
people prayed for what they desired MOST. They prayed for the spirit.
The spirit changes people. There was another woman Fiorella that we
taught the first time this transfer this week. My companion says that
she didn't seem super super interested before. She really amazed us in
this lesson. She had read all of Alma 42 and she loved it. She said
"it's true what it says in this book isn't it? Wow how amazing" my
companion said that there was a definite change in her, a spark that
wasn't there before. Peoples lives and natures are changing! Thanks to
the Book of Mormon that brings the spirit, that brings a change to our

"The Lord works from the inside out. The world works from the outside
in. The world would take people out of the slums. Christ takes the
slums out of people, and then they take themselves out of the slums.
The world would mold men by changing their environment. Christ changes
men, who then change their environment. The world would shape human
behavior, but Christ can change human nature."
(From "Born of God" by Ezra Taft Benson)

I loved this talk. Later he says, talking about people who have been
changed by Christ:

"Not only would they die for the Lord, but more important they want to
live for Him."

Living for him and his work has been the most amazing thing I have
ever done in my life. I am at my highest peak in all aspects of my
life because I have given myself up to Him to help me. I love my
mission. It means more to me than I can describe! In interviews last
week President Fenn told me "the last part of your mission will be the
best." I'm doing my best and I love all of you and thank you for your
support. Do all you can to live for The Lord and I promise your life
will turn out better than you could've imagined!

Hermana Barlow

Ps. Random story. This little five year old girl walks up to me with a
perfume bottle while We're talking to her neighbor and I hear her mom
ask her to bring the perfume to her and then she asks me "will you
hide this in there? Will you hide this in there?" Pointing to my bag
ha hahahhaha idk it was just a hilarious attempted secret combination

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