Friday, September 12, 2014

"Oh no muchachas..." July 14

Bueno bueno good things have happened as always!                                July 14, 2014

So Tuesday we taught Fiorella- the lady I mentioned last week, the one
that we have seen a change in. WELL so we go back and she is like "why
didn't you come get me on Sunday? I got up, I showered and I waited
and everything!" And we were like are you kidding me? You said
you would call us!! She said she forgot to call us from her daughters
phone on Saturday and when Sunday morning came her daughter had left
with the phone. So, she assumed that we would still come to
get her. Ughhh we were bummed. She says she can come this Sunday, so
now we just have to find a ride for her which could be very difficult
:( but will happen!!!. But anyway the lesson went really well. She had read the
Gospel of Jesus Christ Pamphlet and 2 nephi 31. We taught it and she understood
it all. So well that she was like "oh no muchachas (girls)....." And
she was making this interesting face. So I said "do you believe this
is true?" And she goes "I know it's true. I say 'oh no' because there
are a lot of really big changes to make." She said her family and
friends have noticed changes in her too, saying that she is basically
Mormon now. (Which.... Idk if they even know what that means really)
so yeah. She is now praying for a baptismal date in August because she
wouldn't accept one right there. But the spirit was really strong. I
know that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is true and that it changes

We also saw Maria and Paola again with one of our members! It went
well, I love teaching and testifying of the Book of Mormon, especially
about moroni's promise. Paola was so attentive and she understood
everything so well. She committed to do what the promise asks, I know
as she does it she will receive an answer. Please pray that they will
come this week to church. Please pray that someone will come.

Another cool miracle! So last Sunday we found a woman named Micaela
outside her house and we got a return appointment with her. The next
day we go to our members house and she goes "wow Hermanas I had this
really great conversation with this lady at the pool today. I really
just have a good feeling about her!" And she basically said that she
wants to invite her to listen to us etc. Then she said, her name is
Micaela and she lives over there on so and so street. And I'm like no
way... And yeah it was the same Micaela. We are going to see her
tonight with that member hopefully! It's just really cool how The Lord
prepares people for us, as well as for all members of the church.

This Friday we had a really awesome Zone Conference. I definitely felt
the spirit and I have felt changes in myself as a person and
missionary. I know I have said it a million times but President Fenn
is amazing! At one part he spoke about baptizing- to help us raise our
vision to baptize here. He said "Baptizing is a matter of attitude,
desire and faith. Attitude can be changed, desire can be kindled, and
faith can be increased." Later on he said "You have the capacity to
change the world. Change yourself first." We as missionaries need to
utilize the atonement to repent and to make these changes. There are
more sacrifices to make, so now is the time for me to make them, as
many of them as I can, before my time runs out. I also received help
from The Lord in changing my attitude about my current area. I was
reminded by some things said at the conference- that President Fenn
really does put us where The Lord needs us. He is a very inspired man.
I know I am here with these people for a reason! I love my mission, we
are opening our mouths and seeing tender mercies and miracles.

Hermana Barlow

fun thing: Paola has a two year old who is so so cute! he runs around and chases this big white Goose hahaha hilarious

another fun thing: i found a cat mailbox!!!! shout out to Brooke Waltman!!

another fun fact: if you get caught behind the train... bad news.. it goes, then it goes backward, forward, backward and finally moves. we were there for more than 15 minutes

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