Thursday, September 25, 2014

staying in Wheaton Sept 1

Hi familia                                           September 1, 2014

It was a pretty good last week of the transfer. Of course Hermana Cadd
and I are staying together, it's her last transfer so it'll be great.
I don't feel like I have too much to tell you though.... We taught
some lessons... Found a less active who speaks Spanish who is willing
to listen so, that's good. We see some great potential in him and his
son and wife aren't members. It'll take some miracles but those
happen! So please pray for Elias.

We taught about the priesthood to Lucas and Carolina and her son,
it was really great. Their home teacher came and showed the video
"sanctify yourselves". I love that video! Go watch it if you can. Carolina
was in tears afterwards. The spirit was strong and it was a great
reminder of the appreciation I have for the priesthood.

A few days ago I got a letter from the mission office that had a talk
called "finishers Wanted" by President Monson with a note attached
that said something like: "this talk has been sent to you by request
of President Fenn in preparation for the last few months of your
mission." So I guess they always send that out when you have 2
transfers left. Pretty crazy though. It is a wonderful talk with very
specific examples of how to be a finisher- in whatever we are doing.
It's wonderful and I have set some goals for these wonderful few
months that are ahead. On Sunday the Bishop's son gave his homecoming
talk from his mission in Brazil. It was really good and it caused me
to think back on my mission so far and I was just filled with
gratitude. I just feel like my mission so far has been the best gift
I've been given. Words can't explain my gratitude. 3 less actives came
to sacrament meeting and I was just sitting there in the back with
them so happy for our tiny tiny Spanish group. I love them!

I'm continuing to read the Book of Mormon and learning a lot of
course. I love 1 nephi 17:13; if we keep the commandments The Lord is
able to lead us through the wilderness. I love how many times it tells
us to remember The Lord and seeing the way that that ties into us
having a lasting conversion. 1 nephi 19:18

Tonight we are going to President Fenn's to meet the new missionaries
and teach them a little bit so we hope that'll go well. Tomorrow we
will have the departing missionaries devotional so that'll be good!

I love you all don't forget what's most important
Hermana Barlow

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