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God will answer us and take away our confusion July 2

Hola Fam fam                                               July 2, 2014

Hi! Ok wellllll not to be negative, but this week (particularly this
past Saturday) was potentially going to be very happy and exciting but
that happy miracle day has been postponed to who knows when.... Haha
let me explain.

So Thursday night I get the news that Josefina and her kids Sophia
and Valery  (from my last area) will be baptized Saturday the 28th of
June! So I'm just so excited, thinking wow how am I going to get all
the way out there. I got permission to go but we aren't allowed to
drive our car out of the zone for a baptism. So I call a couple
members from this area and they couldn't. Arlington heights is like an
hour away and, yeah that's a big sacrifice for them to do for a
missionary they barely know! So I get on Facebook and ask Hna Medrano
and Talia from my last area how they'd each feel about taking me one
way. Talia couldn't but Hermana Medrano right off the bat was like "of
course Hermana!" What an angel! I got permission for them to have my
number here too. So Friday morning I get a call and it was Hermana
Padilla!!! She was calling me to tell me she would gladly drive all
the way out to take me to the baptism and that Hermana medrano would
take me home. They are angels, wow. I love them so so much and I was so
excited to talk to them. It truly was a miracle for me! Even more I
was just so proud of Josefina for following the spiritual prompting
she had received. I was so excited for her and her family to have this
amazing new start. It's something that they desperately need, like
I've talked about in past letters. To say I was excited for them is an

So Saturday morning Hermana Padilla calls me and says that Josefina
backed out the day of because she didn't feel she was ready. Even
after the interview and everything. Something about opposition in her
family. She wasn't answering her phone either so I really hope and
pray that everything is ok :(. Ah wow what a bummer. So their baptism
is just being moved to a later date... At least that's what I am
saying! And hoping and praying.

So this week was good, we had a zone meeting where we heard from
President Fenn about the martyrdom of Joseph and Hyrum smith because
the anniversary of that event was this week. It's so true that if they
had made the whole religion up, there is no way they would die for it.
They died for the cause of God's church and work. I know it's true! I
know Joseph Smith was a prophet. Hearing the story from President
really strengthened me.

I also had my interview with President this week. He is so awesome, I
honestly don't think that there is a better mission president out

I went on exchanges with Hermana Cadd too! She is awesome I love her!
I went down to Wheaton and we taught the first lesson to two
ladies and they accepted a baptismal date! It was really cool, they
were awesome. We also taught a member family and they have a Morkie
dog- and he reminded me so much of buddy- so it was fun to play with
him! Haha random fact.

So yeah, our investigators are tending to drop us lately due to
listening to their own pastors who say "don't "confuse" your faith by
studying another book". Which is totally ridiculous!! I know
personally that God will answer us and take away our confusion. He
will do it through prayer, the Holy Ghost, and the Book of Mormon. The
Holy Ghost will only testify of truth and I know it testified to me of
the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon. We are trying our very hardest
out here inviting others to come unto Christ! A lot are being blinded
though by false information. We are trying our best and I think we
will see a big miracle soon.

This morning I really loved this scripture in 1 Nephi 13:39-40 about
the purpose of the Book of Mormon and the other books of scripture
that we have. WOW it is SO CRUCIAL that we know how we might come unto
Jesus Christ to be saved. It is so important that we know his word,
and have all his word that we can. Then, we need to live it. Also I
read this morning in 3 nephi 12:20 Therefore come unto me and be ye
saved; for verily I say unto you, that except ye shall keep my
commandments, which I have commanded you at this time, ye shall in no
case enter into the kingdom of heaven. (3 Nephi 12:20)
So... Know the commandments and keep the commandments! I know this
work is true and I also know that God will give us the answers we
need... if we humble ourselves and have faith.

Love you all! Que tengan una buena semana 
Love Hna Barlow

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