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one año! May 27

Hi!!                                                                                    May 27, 2014                                                                                              

A year ago, the day before Memorial Day, I was already set apart as a
missionary, giving a farewell talk in Utah! This week I hit my one year
mark as a missionary. It's gone crazy fast.

This week has been a good one as most are. Some cool things happened.
One day we were knocking on a street and a man told us who on the
street was Hispanic. On one of the doors we knocked, the Lady told us
to come in! So we went in and she asked "who sent you here? Who told
you I lived here?" And we were like.... No one... We were knocking here
and she said "oh well I've met with missionaries before! When I lived
somewhere else." So her mom still lives in her old house and apparently
told her that if the missionaries went again, to pass on her new
address, but they never did. So there we were! Unfortunately she is a
single mom and works two jobs and only has a few hours off each week.
But she is really awesome and I know we were meant to find her! Pray
for Ivanna :)

Another day we met alexander to go teach his friend with him in her hair
salon. But, she wasn't there!
We had a small chat with
alexander and he asked, "Hermanas why don't people want to be baptized?
And I'm like yeah alexander we ask that question a lot haha.

He went on to tell us about how he was 'baptized' in another church but he
didn't feel like he was taught properly, he just did it. He
highlighted an important principle: that it's the Lords plan that
a person makes sufficient changes and agrees to enter into the covenant
before they are baptized. In the restored church we teach certain
lessons and all must pass a baptismal interview to show we've made
those changes. That's really important! David is so bold. He was
talking to his friend clara about us (the one we were going to teach
that day) and she said "but I've already been baptized!" And he said
"no you weren't! And neither was I before I was baptized in this
Church!" Haha so bold but true. If it's not the way The Lord
wants it to be, it isn't baptism.

After that, he did it again! He goes "hey I know a lady around
here!" So we went to her house and taught her and her son. alexander is
fearless! They are pretty cool people, the son works so much but the
mom said she'd be happy to go to church this Sunday. alexander is an
awesome member missionary!

We wanted to teach jaime this week- the man alicia (a member) brought to
church last week. We didn't teach him, but he went to church
again! And then we got to teach him yesterday during the ward picnic.
It went well! He grew up in Texas so he prefers English. He really
really wants to know if this is true, I don't know if I have ever seen such
a desire to know in anyone here so far. He is very legit, please pray
that he will find an answer soon!!

Joaquin update: haven't talked to him but I hope we get to.
Pray for him
Amalia update: she made us really good food this week, forgot what it
was called. She also made flan just for us- normally I don't like flan
but hers was actually really yummy. We made her pancakes Sunday to
help her come to church but she didn't :(
Maite: she is so so close to baptism! She came to church also.
Pray for these people por favor!

This morning I read this scripture and I loved it:
6 Now, seeing that I know these things, why should I desire more than
to perform the work to which I have been called? (Alma 29:6)

This should be our desire number 1. The work of salvation: especially
if we understand why The Lord wants us to do it.

Also I read a talk called "A Testimony" by Legrand Richards in the
1980 October conference. GO READ IT it is awesome. It's About how
great and real the Restoration of the gospel is.

Ok well I hope you are all doing well, love you!

Hermana Barlow

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